[English] No one can see this cherry blossoms in Nagadoro

In early May, I had a chance to visit Nagadoro district in Iitate Village, about 1.5 hour drive to east from Fukushima city.

I followed my friend who was a journalist and wanted to visit there, guided by the district chief.

Iitate village has just been released in last April from the designation as no return permit area since nuclear power plant accident in March 2011, except only Nagadoro district. The district chief had special permission to enter his district to check and observe the situation there.

Arrived at the check-point in front of the gate of enterance to Nagadoro district, the prohibited area. After three minutes from the check-point, there were very very beautiful lots of cherry blossoms along the road.

"Welcome to flower village, Nagadoro!", the monument said. 

However, no one there, no car there, except us.

Calm. Silence. Voice of bird and wind. Flowers of cherry blossoms at the peak.

Before March 2011, every year many people came here to see this flower, with having lunch, enjoying to drink sake, singing, and chatting.

Those voices might be heard with winds far from another world.

Former residents of Nagadoro distrct has been allowed to come back onece a week only daytime to check their residence and fields. They still come to this spot of cherry blossoms to pluck the grass, to level the soil, and to clean the place for preparation of gathering people some day.

No one can see this cherry blossoms in Nagadoro until now. But, in the near future, Nagodoro people will come to enjoy it here.

The most beautiful but the most lonely cherry blossoms. I deeply impressed.

I remember this my feeling until I see many smiles of Nagadoro people again here.