[English] Very Famous Local Drink of Fukushima - Rakuo Cafe au Lait

Do you know Rakuo Cafe au Lait? It is the most famous local drink of Fukushima, made by Rakuonyugyou Co. Ltd. in Koriyama city, Fukushima Prefecture.

Rakuo Cafe au Lait is a kind of milk coffee. Since 1976, the taste has not been changed with optimal balance between coffee and milk. The ratio of milk (pure milk) is kept more than 65%.

This Rakuo Cafe au Lait has several size as 300 ml (115 yen), 500 ml (172 yen), and 1000 ml (325 yen).

In addition, there are many kinds of sweets made from Rakuo Cafe au Lait, as ice cream, sable, melon bread, caramel, crunch, long pie, eclair, and soft cream. Two photos below are Rakuo Cafe au Lait Ice cream (120 ml).

You can get it in shops only in Fukushima or Koriyama as Newdays / Kiosk in JR railway station, and in Nihombashi MIDETTE (Shops on Fukushima Prefecture) in Tokyo.

Because they are very popular in Fukushima, it is maybe difficult for you to get them. So, if you get them, your are very lucky in Fukushima (means as Fortune Island in English).

Rakuo Cafe au Lait is now my companion when I ride on Shinkansen from Fukushima to Tokyo. Let's you look for and try it.