[English] Now, season of peach in Fukushima

Now, Fukushima is peach !

Fukushima Prefecture is the second biggest peach production prefecture after Yamanashi in Japan.

There are many kinds of peach in Fukushima with different seasons from July to September.

For example, Gyosei, Akatsuki, Kawanakajima-Hakuto, Yuzora, etc. The price is about JPY 2.300 per 3 kg and JPY 4.600 per 5 kg.

If you come to Fukushima city, let's go to so-called "Fruits Line". Many tourist fruits gardens are located around the "Fruit Line".

The information of fruit picking in those fruits gardens are seen the next site.

  Fruit Picking in Fukushima city

  Fukushima city fruit picking information

Other than peach, Fukushima has many other fruits as apple, pear, grape, strawberry etc, and they can be picked in those fruits gardens.

Let's enjoy delicious and qualified peach and other fruits now in Fukushima with picking them by your self.