[English] Fukushima city is very hot and very cold

Fukushima city is very hot in summer and very cold in winter.

The highest temperature was 39.1 degrees celsius in August 15, 1942. The lowest temprature was -18.5 degrees celsius in February 4, 1891.

The number of Midsummer day (the highest temperature is higher than 30 degrees celsius) was 64 days in 2000. About two months are higher than 30 degrees celsius. On the other hand, the number of Midwinter day (the highest temperature is lower than 0 degrees celsius) was only 9 days in 1984.

Why very hot and very cold in Fukushima city? Because Fukushima city locates in basin. It is called as Fukushima basin, surrounded by mountains. Basin climate is easy to be hot and to be cold.

In a year, Fukushima usually is recorded as the hottest city of Japan in summer several times.

In winter, even if the temperature is not too much low, we feel very cold because of northwest monsoon drawing down from Mt. Azuma and Mt. Adatara.

Very hot and very cold. But, this large difference of temperature would be the source of high quality agricultural products as rice and fruits.