[English] Fukushima is in fact a ramen city

Do you like ramen in Japan? Many foreigners come to Japan to eat ramen.

In Fukushima Prefecture, there are many famous ramen city as Kitakata ramen or Shirakawa ramen.

But, Fukushima city should be paid attention to eat very delicious ramen. This time, I want to introduce two ramen restaurants.

First is Marushin ramen resto, near Fukushima station. Here, you must enjoy char siew ramen. Char siew is as like as roasted pork, and this char siew is soft and melted in the mouth.

The second is Takeya Ramen, very small restaurant in Moriai area. Here, its noodle is cracked with transparent soup. The price is cheap. Ordinary ramen is only 500 yen. The photo is also char siew ramen.

The third is Mitsuyama Noodle Factory. Here, we enjoy its home-made noodle in several kinds of ramen. It has daily changed special ramen in the lunch time. of course, noodle is very tasty.

In this blog, I will introduce many other good restaurants in Fukushima, including ramen, soba, sweets, and other local foods. Stay tuned !