[English] "Sasukenee", spoken by Fukushima people

People in Fukushima often use their local word "Sasukenee". It means nothing or no problem. In standard Japanese, they say "taishita koto wa nai" or "dootte koto wa nai".

"Sasukenee" means "you do not have to take care of me", "it is no matter", or "it's ok".

Even though after huge disaster of earthquake and tsunami, with nuclear power plant accidents since March 2011, people in Fukushima often said "Sasukenee".

Many outsiders have given attention and worried to refugees forcefully escaped from their hometown near nuclear power plants.

But, some of them had compared themselves with victims of tsunami in coast areas of Miyagi and Iwate. They said "Many people in coast areas lost their family members, but we are not". So, refugees said "Sasukenee'.

Many outsiders have suggested them to escape from Fukushima Prefecture to far areas. Yes, some people did that and ran away not only to far areas in Japan but to overseas. Many outsiders have given many discourses about danger of radiation and polluted situation without any scientific backgrounds.

Those outsiders might be kind and truly worried Fukushima people. So, they were disappointed to Fukushima people who decided to keep staying in Fukushima prefecture with saying "Sasukenee". At the result, outsiders had started to criticize Fukushima people who did not follow outsider's suggestion and opinion.

Fukushima people are not ignorant about radiative contamination. They has learned and scientifically studied more than other ordinary people in Japan.

There is serious conflict between who kept staying in Fukushima and who went off Fukushima on which is better. Fukushima society has still deeply divided by such conflicts, even in family. But it is difficult for us to see in surface.

Why Fukushima people say "Sasukenee"? They are very kind and do not want outsiders to worry with Fukushima people. Or, they do not want outsiders to dictate Fukushima people by discourses from outside because outsiders do not respect decisions by Fukushima people. 

Keep staying in Fukushima or go out from Fukushima. Any decisions must be respected because it is the decision based on their deep preparedness. No right of outsiders to criticize and make a fool of Fukushima people.

Behind "Sasukenee", Fukushima people has complexed feeling to outsiders. But, if you meet Fukushima people with understanding and respect the existence of their feelings, Fukushima people must be appreciate it and their "Sasukenee" will become truly kind word.