[English] Soneda Station in Iizaka Line

Fukushima city has several hot-spring areas as Iizaka, Anabara, Takayu, Kawakami, Tsuchiyu, Noji, Washikura, Maku, and Nuruyu. Iizaka onsen (hot-spring) is the biggest of those.

To go to Iizaka, you had better ride on Iizaka Line from Fukushima station. Iizaka Line is managed by Fukushima Kotsu Co. Ltd., started since 1920.

Iizaka Line at Fukushima station

Inside of the Train, Iizaka Line

Maybe you saw this train in Tokyo before. Yes, this train was used in Tokyu Line in Tokyo before. Ex-Tokyo train had been used since 1980.

The next station from Fukushima station is Soneda station. 

Soneda station was built in 1924. The building was the same as I saw it when I went to kindergarten about 50 years ago, even though the roof color was changed to red.

At that time my house was near to Soneda station. So I often rode on the train to go to Iizaka onsen when I was a kid.

Maybe I will write on Iizaka onsen or hot springs in Fukushima in another articles in this Blog some day.