[English] There are no my old houses anymore in Fukushima

Fukushima city is my hometown. I was born in a hospital in Shinmachi, Fukushima city. There have been many doctors in my maternal family. The hospital was also managed by my uncle.

In 1970s, my family stayed in a house, ex the hospital. We rented the house in the name of my maternal family.

After left the house, a big apartment was built in around 1980. No traces of the old my house there in Shinmachi.

Before that, in the first half of 1960s, after I was born, my family stayed in Tenjincho, Fukushima city. As same as my old house in Shinmachi, my first old house in Tenjincho has no traces now.

The ex my house was bought by a Japanese restaurant. But, the restaurant was bankrupted and bought by others. Now the place has become a parking lot.

About 50 years ago, I played with my toy at this small alley without asphalt pavement at that time.

My neighbor, public bath "Kikunoyu", was disappeared any more. I was often bullied by my friend from "Kikunoyu".

But some other neighbors have been still there, as a fish store "Uogen", a bedding store "Yoshino", and a paper store "Sugeno" since my kid age.

There are no my old houses anymore in Fukushima city, but those are still memorized in my mind.