[English] My New Blog Starts from Fukushima

Hello from Fukushima, Japan.

I has started my new activity from Fukushima, my hometown. In last April, I established a small individual company, named "Matsui Glocal LLC".

Before establishing it, I am a freelance and independent consultant, facilitator, and catalyst, to connect local to local for positive creation of something new and innovative.

This my stance is the same now. Or, now more clear and positive.

My family still stays in Tokyo. My mother still stay in Fukushima.

My home is in Tokyo. My company is in Fukushima. Why?

In order to promote local to local connection and interaction to learn and act each other, I myself must have my root in local. If not, my stance is not persuasive to get empathy from people.

In addition, more or less, Fukushima had to accept a lot of sensitive realities after big accident of nuclear power plants in March 2011. The radiation contamination area is very limited and most of Fukushima prefecture has been normal as usual.

However, we has faced unseen social division with hope and despair. Some problems has been seen since before March 2011, some new problems has been added after March 2011.

I decided to start my new activity to connect local to local from Fukushima. Of course, it is not easy to solve those problems. But, I believe new hope will not be happened without starting to understand the reality.

I want to introduce our life and what I see, experience, think in Fukushima to the world through this small blog.

I will write this blog in English and Bahasa Indonesia. Please stay tuned.

Mt. Azuma seen from Fukushima city