[English] MIDETTE, antenna shop of Fukushima Prefecture in Tokyo

In Japan, many prefecture have their own antenna shops in Tokyo.

Antenna shop plays roles to promote its local products to Tokyo market, and to get market trends and demands in Tokyo for local product development. Many of those antenna shop are located around Tokyo station, Yurakucho station, and Ginza.

Fukushima prefecture has two antenna shops in Tokyo. One is MIDETTE in Nihombashi near Kanda station, and the other is the Yaesu Tourism and Inter-exchange Shop near Tokyo station. In next several month later, the Yaesu Shop will be merged by MIDETTE.

MIDETTE means "Come and see" in Fukushima dialect. In MIDETTE, there are shop space and restaurant space. MIDETTE has many attractive events in a year. When I visited last Friday, there was a promotion of local products from Koriyama city. I saw many honey products from Ishimushiro Honey Garden.

Before. I had visited Ishimushiro district several years ago to participate the event to clean the canal for paddy fields. It is called "Seki-age", a communal work by all residents there in a year. Ishimushiro has kept communal resource management system to use together it as their communal forest.

The honey is a product from the forest. I bought it again this time, since I had to accept it as a souvenir when I visited there.

In the restaurant space, there was a special udon fair. We enjoyed udon kneaded with burdock root powder.

Come and see Fukushima in MIDETTE if you have no time to come to Fukushima but in Tokyo.