[English] Visit my first barber shop again since 50 years ago

Yesterday, I visited a barber shop in Tenjin cho, Fukushima city. It was the first barber shop that I came when I was 2 or 3 years old. So, I visited there since about 50 years ago.

In my memory, the interior was pink and there were many female barbers. Because I often cried with big voice, they tried to appease me to cut my hair. There were 4 or 5 seats with many guests.

After 50 years, the barber shop is still existed. But no barbers any more except a master barber who owned the barber shop. He is 81 years old now. The seats now only 2.

He remembered the atmosphere in old days as same as my memory, even though he does not remember me.

The area had changed drastically because of depopulation. Before, there were many shops and residents. But, many residents moved to outside of the area. Most of shops had been closed. Almost no residents now. 

So, the number of guest to the barber shop is only several persons in a day. Often no guest in a day. The master barber hopes 5 guests a day.

Unfortunately, he has no his child. He is the third generation but the barber shop must be closed in his generation without any successor.

Anyway, I enjoyed his technique as a veteran master barber to cut my hair. 

Suddenly, I felt to hear laughing voices of female barbers to appease me, as if I got a time slip to 50 years ago.